We Can Help Your Congregation!


The Youth Presence Ministry team can make a difference in your congregation.

Our team is prepared to offer a custom designed development plan and training to fit each context of ministry. We will tailor make this ministry to your situation and needs. We offer the following:

  • Invite us into conversation with you about where you are in your ministry with young people. We offer a free assessment which will give us a snap shot of where to begin.
  • Consultation is offered on a short term of up to 10 days per year based on your specific needs.
  • Coaching is available for those who are in a paid position in youth ministry. Our team has many years of experience in training, coaching and supporting professional youth ministers.
  • Youth Presence 101 is a weekend training program with multiple churches aimed at helping congregations see new ways of building a strong youth presence using the three phase approach and focusing on the visioning process.
  • Training Conference is the term we use for the visioning process or a training of 1 to 3 days in duration.
  • Journey Together Partnership is an agreement over a year period of time for us to implement with your leadership an ongoing development, training and program leading to a strong and vibrant youth presence. This is our preferred methodology as we feel that we can help you make the most impact on your congregation in a sustained and ongoing way by building a strong foundation.

Note: The two keys to success in any of the above methods are the commitment and leadership of your congregation. This is not a “quick fix” for youth ministry. It will take hard work and ongoing dedication. The result will be well worth the effort and will provide a long term and vibrant youth presence.